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low order moments

animation shows that low order moments are not unique

Understanding "Obstgarten", the game

This jupyter notebook shows how re-play and simulate the game "Obstgarten" -- does the crow win more often than the fruit trees?

presentations at AGU2019

my presentations at AGU201 in San Francisco

Still in the Yukon

What has changed? - Still in the Yukon!

presentations at AGU2018

my presentations at AGU2018 in Washington, DC

AGU2018 H114

Come to session H114 at AGU18


Wonderful #GeoEnv2018 comes to a close


Jeremy Bennett (@drifitngtides) published his Hydrogeological Virtual Realities simulation package "HyVR"

How to Filter a List in Python

This jupyter notebook shows how to filter a list in python. It compares the intrinsic filter command with a list comprehension. The result of % timeit can be stored in a variable for comparison purposes

Some Hockey Stats (DEL Quarterfinal 2018 Game 5 Nürnberg Ice Tigers vs Cologne Sharks)

The statistics related to both teams, in this fairly averaging and not deeply distinguishing analysis, seems to suggest that the series is very close. Guess what, this is also what I saw when I watched it. Despite this similarity, the numbers favor Cologne slightly but consistently.

Stats of My Research Library

I wrote an AppleScript to extract information from my research library (I use Papers). Result is a histogram of the publication years in my library.

Copula Based Geostatistical Code in Operational Use at LUBW

The Copula-Based Geostatistical Code that I have been developing with colleagues over the last couple of years is finally in operational use at the state agency of the environment (LUBW) in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

Profiling Scientific Python Code

A Write-Up of My Current Practice of Profiling Scientific Python Code

Come Talk to me at AGU Fall Meeting 2017

I will be at the AGU Fall Meeting, New Orléans, 11-15 December, 2017

Spatial Statistics Conference 2017 Lancaster

I will be at the Spatial Statistics Conference in Lancaster, UK, July 5-7

Censored Measurements and Portion of True Zeros in Geo-hydrology

new paper: by treating measurements below detection limit ("censored measurements") in a statistically meaningful way, we were able to fit measurements to a hydrogeological field site's coneceptual model of degradation pathways along the main direction of flow. With the statistical method we are able to decide true zeros (e.g., no precipiation) and censored measurements.

Micro and Macro Structures

new paper: statistical algorithm to detect boundary layer separating stationary entities ("macro structure") within one data-set; algorithm verified with real-world data-set at Lauswiesen site; heterogeneity within macro structure ("micro structure") is modeled with fitted multivariate Gaussian model and v-copula model with parameters estimated from data; effects of resulting four scenarios on solute transport were evaluated;

Own Your Writing

thoughts on closed and open solutions for writing; there are alternatives, e.g., micro-blog as a substitute for Twitter

Encrypting Email

Setting up secure email in Apple Mail with Certificate

HGS user meeting 2017 Bayreuth

We will be at the HGS User Conference in Bayreuth March 6/7

Distance Matrices

performance analysis of various routines to calculate distance matrices. Routines include scipy, numpy, tensorflow, scikit-learn, and an own routine

My first jupyter notebook

my first jupyter notebook. With numpy and everything.

AGU 2016

Invitation to come and talk to me during the AGU fall meeting in San Francisco Dec 12-16

Geostatistics 2016

Invitation to come and see me during Geostatistics meeting in Valencia


Invitation to come and see me during FHDGGV meeting in Karlsruhe

AGU 2015

Invitation to come and see presentations during AGU 2015 in San Francisco

Talk in Tübingen: GeoEnv Seminar

Invitation to come and see my presentation on Friday in Tübingen

Job Announcement

Job Announcement: Stochastic Hydrogeology, Geostatistics

Plans for the Fall

teaching, conferences, MADE, Spanish

Hello World!


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