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I have been lucky to have worked with wonderful people who inspire me and encourage me to think further. The students I have have been actively working with in the past are listed below. Please contact me, if you consider working with me!

PhD Students

Name Institution Title Date
Philipp Selzer U of Tübingen Particle Tracking pending
Bo Xiao U of Tübingen Realistic Spatial Dependence Structures of Aquifer Parameters: Modelling and Impact Assessment pending
Carolin Thesenvitz U of Tübingen Solute transport characteristics on catchment scale under changing climatic conditions pending
Jeremy Bennett U of Tübingen Solute Transport Characteristics in Hierarchical Sediment Structures 2018
Shanghua Li U of Tübingen Vegetation-hydyology Feedbacks 2020
Emilio Sánchez U of Tübingen High-resolution Aquifer Characterization With a Coupled Inversion of Hydraulic and Tracer Tomographic Field Data 2018
Diane von Gunten U of Tübingen Groundwater Recharge under Climate and Land-Use Change 2015

Dipl.-Ing. & M.Sc. Students

Name Institution Title Date
Alena Wentges U of Stuttgart Entwicklung eines Bestimmungsverfahrens zur summarischen Erfassung von Organofluorverbindungen aus Bodenproben 2022
Sarah Heilemann U of Stuttgart Untersuchung der Sorptionskinetik von organischen Schadstoffen im Infinite-Sink-Verfahren 2022
Sofia Engelmeier U of Stuttgart Experimental Investigations on Surfactant-Enhanced In-Situ Chemical Oxidation (S-ISCO) Using a 2D Model Approach 2022
Tianyunxin Guo U of Stuttgart Application and Evaluation of Infinite-Sink Experiments as a Method to Characterize the Efficiency of Immobilisation Methods of PFAS in Treated Soils 2021
Radhakrishna Bangalore Lakshmiprasad U of Stuttgart Temperature and Moisture Transport From Ground Surfaceto Water Supply Pipes (with rbs.wave) 2021
Louise Katherine Pulido Montoya U of Stuttgart Calibration Methodology of TDR Signals Under Non-Isothermal and Varying Soil Moisture Conditions 2020
Yichen Xu U of Stuttgart Heat and Energy Balances of Thermal Remediation Systems (with ZUT) 2020
Hue Nguyen U of Stuttgart Modelling of Saturated and Variably Saturated PFAS Column Experiments 2019
Simone Vogel U of Tübingen Input Signals and Output Signals in Hydrological Models 2018
Boling Jiang U of Hohenheim Multivariate Statistical Analysis of Crop and Soil Data from Precision Farming 2018
Max Allmendinger U of Tübingen Interpolation of a Primary Variable Using Categorical and Real-Valued Secondary Variables With Multivariate Gaussian Copulas Based on Groundwater Quality in Baden-Württemberg 2017
Philipp Selzer U of Tübingen Particle Tracking on Finite Elements for Groundwater Flow 2017
Sebastian Gnann U of Tübingen Spatial Interpolation With Hard Non-exhaustive Secondary Information 2016
Anzhela Tamazashvili U of Tübingen "Including Censored Measurements in Temporal and Spatial Multivariate Environmental Models" 2016
Emilio Sánchez U of Tübingen “Inversion of Collected Transient Pumping Test Data Using HydroGeoSphere and PEST. Case Study: Lauswiesen Test Site, Germany” 2013
Theresia Heißerer U of Stuttgart “Interpolation von Grundwasser-Qualitätsparametern mit Hilfe von Copulas unter der Einbeziehung von Sekundärinformationen und zensierten Messwerten” 2012
Luise Mensch U of Stuttgart “Geostatistical Analyses of Hydraulic Conductivity Data-Sets Using Copulas” 2012
Philipp Guthke U of Stuttgart “Effects of Non-Gaussian Spatial Dependence of Hydraulic Conductivity Fields on Hydrodynamic Macrodispersion” 2011
Markus Rau U of Stuttgart “Geostatistical Analysis of Three-Dimensional Hydraulic Conductivity Fields by Means of Maximum Gauss Copula” 2011

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