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Wonderful #GeoEnv2018 comes to a close


Jeremy Bennett (@drifitngtides) published his Hydrogeological Virtual Realities simulation package "HyVR"

How to Filter a List in Python

li is some list, and I want to filter a list -- comparable to np.where(...) for a pure python list

Some Hockey Stats (DEL Quarterfinal 2018 Game 5 Nürnberg Ice Tigers vs Cologne Sharks)

The Nürnberg Ice Tigers are my favourite hockey team. They have never won the championship, were in the final twice, and have in recent years always played well in the regular season but frequently lost the first round (quarter final) of the play-offs.

Tomorrow, they will play game five of this year's quarter final against the Cologne Sharks. Both teams have won both of their away games so far, and the Ice Tigers are trying to win their first home game tomorrow.

Stats of My Research Library

I wrote an AppleScript to extract information from my research library (I use Papers). Result is a histogram of the publication years in my library.

Profiling Scientific Python Code

A Write-Up of My Current Practice of Profiling Scientific Python Code

Distance Matrices

Distance Matrices

Calculating distances is a fundamental task in geostatistics. Generally, nearby values are likely to be more similar than pairs of points that are separated by a large distance. This fundamental property is considered in second order based methods as well as in many other flavours of geostatistics, including copulas. Even more, calculating distances is equally important in other disciplines, such as machine learning (see blog randomlydistributed

My first jupyter notebook

Hello jupyter notebook!

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