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low order moments

animation shows that low order moments are not unique

Understanding "Obstgarten", the game

This jupyter notebook shows how re-play and simulate the game "Obstgarten" -- does the crow win more often than the fruit trees?

presentations at AGU2019

my presentations at AGU201 in San Francisco

presentations at AGU2018

my presentations at AGU2018 in Washington, DC

AGU2018 H114

Come to session H114 at AGU18

How to Filter a List in Python

This jupyter notebook shows how to filter a list in python. It compares the intrinsic filter command with a list comprehension. The result of % timeit can be stored in a variable for comparison purposes

Some Hockey Stats (DEL Quarterfinal 2018 Game 5 N├╝rnberg Ice Tigers vs Cologne Sharks)

The statistics related to both teams, in this fairly averaging and not deeply distinguishing analysis, seems to suggest that the series is very close. Guess what, this is also what I saw when I watched it. Despite this similarity, the numbers favor Cologne slightly but consistently.

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