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HGS user meeting 2017 Bayreuth

We will be at the HydroGeoSphere User Conference in Bayreuth!

HydroGeoSphere Syntax and hgspy

  • HydroGeoSphere grammar & syntax highlighting! If you want to have more control over your grok file, please feel free to check out the HGS syntax highlighter on github!
  • Emilio Sanchez and I put together a collection of python scripts to facilitate the generation of grok files, running HydroGeoSphere. We call it hgspy. We're planning to extend it to some basic post-processing. It lives in a git repository on bitbucket: hgspy.

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Update 20170317: the hgs grammar got featured on the aquanty blog!


Shanghua and Bo will give the following presentations:

Modelling of Vegetation Dynamics including Feedbacks to Hydrology

Shanghua will present her work in H36 NWIII on Monday at 3pm

Spatial Dependence of the MADE- Hydraulic Conductivity Data-Set

Bo will present his work in H36 NWIII on Tuesday at 11am

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