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Job Announcement

I have a position to be filled. See pdf here or announcement below:

  • announcement: October 1st, 2015
  • starting date: October 14th or when suitable candidate is found
  • funding: 0.75 TVL E-13 for 3 years
  • location: Tübingen, Germany

Job Description

The successful candidate will be appointed to work as a doctoral researcher in the new Stochastic Hydrogeology Group of Claus Haslauer (funded by the German Research Foundation) within the Department of Hydrogeology at the University of Tübingen on the research project entitled “Realistic Spatial Dependence Structures of Aquifer Parameters: Modelling and Impact assessment”. The candidate will be associated with the International Research Training Group "Integrated Hydrosystem Modelling” and collaborate with the Kansas Geological Survey. The candidate’s research will focus on the development of multivariate copula based models for spatial dependence of aquifer parameters and on the analysis and impact assessment of the spatial dependence structure on dependent parameters, such as solute transport behaviour.

Candidate's Profile

  • a Master’s degree (or equivalent) in mathematics/physics, environmental engineering, quantitative geosciences, civil engineering, or computer sciences with a strong quantitative / mathematical background;
  • strong interest in multivariate statistics and application to real world data;
  • preferably good scientific programming skills, a good command of the English language (written and spoken);
  • commitment to conduct a PhD thesis involving development of novel multivariate models (copulae) and and detailed hydrogeologic numeric simulations.

Application Documents

  • please answer the question: “Why do you want to do this research?”;
  • your CV;
  • copy of university degree certificates, list relevant courses attended, transcript of marks awarded at Master level;
  • electronic version of research output (e.g. MSc thesis, research report, scientific publications)
  • name and contact details of up to three people as possible references.

Please submit your application as one pdf file of maximal 5MB per email to Claus Haslauer or contact him directly for any further questions. Severely disabled persons are employed preferentially given equal eligibility. Female candidates are encouraged to apply, explicitly.

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