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Geostatistics 2016

I will be at the "10th International Geostatistics Congress" taking place in Valencia, Spain from Monday (September 5th) to Friday (September 9th). Please contact me, if you want to chat with me in person. And please check out and come and talk to me at the presentation I will be giving on Monday.

See the detailed program online.

Looking forward to see you there!

Interpolation, Secondary Information, Land Use, Nitrate

Details of Claus' presentation
date Monday, 05 September 2016
time 15:20
location parallel session S7, yellow cube
title of talk “Spatial Estimation: Dependence, Copulas, and Secondary Information – Using Groundwater Quality Parameters in Baden- Württemberg”
Authors S. Gnann, T. Heißerer, C. P. Haslauer, T. Heisserer, A. Bárdossy

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