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Profiling Scientific Python Code

This post explains my current profiling strategy (mostly for my own reference). It has proven useful to first make the code work what you want to do. Based on this working version, it is possible to identify bottlenecks. Then, a two-tier strategy has been proven useful:

  1. Profiling at the macro level: Which function is the bottleneck?
  2. Profiling at the micro level: Which line in the function identified in the first step is the bottleneck?


Brett Slatkin gives a good overview in his book "Effective Python" (amazon link)

“Python provides a built-in profiler for determining which parts of a program are responsible for its execution time. This lets you focus your optimization efforts on the biggest sources of trouble and ignore parts of the program that don’t impact speed. [...] Python provides two built-in profilers, one that is pure Python (profile) and another that is a C-extension module (cProfile). The cProfile built-in module is better because of its minimal impact on the performance of your program while it’s being profiled.”

cProfile can be called like this

python -m cProfile <>

You can also sort the output by cumulative time spent per function

python -m cProfile -s cumulative <>

The output can be also saved to an ASCII file, here <>

python -m cProfile -o <> <>

Visualizing Profile-Results


Snakeviz can read output generated from cProfile

snakeviz <>

and creates a "sunburst"


gprof2dot can read output generated from cProfile -f pstats <> | dot -Tpng -o output.png

and generates a dot graph



line_profiler is a module for doing line-by-line profiling of functions.

  1. in your script, you decorate the functions you want to profile with @profile.

    def slow_function(a, b, c):
  2. call the kernprof script

    kernprof -l <>
  3. view the results

    python -m line_profiler


The timeit module can be used to measure the performance of small code snippets (e.g., when you identified the worst performing line via line_profiler, and you are testing out alternatives).

cProfile as decorator



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